Landlord's Message from Milton Rendell - June 2018

Winter is here and is a time when essentials in properties are more important than ever. The reason I say that is nights are longer and colder and certainly heating is a key for many families, so having things working is the key on long winter days. The minute rain starts phone calls go up for our property management team, leaks in the roof, full gutters, fallen trees and blown over fences become very dominate factors in the life of a property manager. It is also a time when communication between us, the landlord and the trades we use to help fix things become very very important. In a recent meeting with our whole team in Real Estate Plus the topic of communication was discussed and certainly a topic I personally believe is the key to everything in business as well as life in general. Our aim, as it should be, is to be great in this area. In this era of the email, mobile phones, messenger, the list goes on, I wonder sometimes if anyone communicates effectively. Maybe I am the old person in the room but communication in this day and age seems to have disappeared or is the expectation too high we look at depending on our own expectation. We aim to communicate with our clients on their preferred method of communication and that varies greatly, heavily dependent on which generation the individual is from.

This month we will see before State Government, potential variations to the Residential Tenancy Act and these changes will be around domestic violence. Sadly in today’s society there are over fifty thousand reports of domestic violence in Western Australia a year and a death in Australia every day occurring as a result of domestic violence. The amendments that they are looking at hopefully will be in the right direction for both tenants and landlords going forward. One aim is to focus on being able to amend leases more easily to maintain a tenant and a way a tenant can exit a lease due to domestic violence through proper notification to landlords. Thus decreasing the occurrence of tenants abandoning properties and landlords having to go through a longer process to get their property back on the market for lease. We will keep you posted as these amendments look likely to happen in the last part of this year.

The market -speaking to a number of agents I know around Perth say they have seen a levelling in rents in most suburbs but supply demand continues to drive this. There has been some small talk of improving sales volumes and we have seen a small increase in our sales production in recent times so hopefully collectively there is some light at the end of the tunnel for all.

Milton Rendell, CEO – Real Estate Plus

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Landlord's Message from Milton Rendell - June 2018