I Remember When with Milton Rendell

Do you remember the global financial crisis back in 2008?

It has been only been 10 years and yet in many ways the GFC seems a long time ago.

In Australia, we seemed to be mainly shielded from it and there are many theories on why we sustained growth here – many of us would agree that we simply were in a strong financial position nationally.

Since then it certainly has changed and particularly our state is in recovery mode.

I bring this up because 2008 happened to be the same year we extended the services of our group to include Finance Broking (Plus Loans).

Like most business people, I did lots of homework and thought I had everything covered in opening this new arm of our group.

It was a great idea to add this service to our real estate business but nowhere in my plans did I allow for a GFC.

What a whirl wind time to start a new loans business, after the first six months I thought we would go from opening to closing.

To our credit, we hung in there and this year we celebrate ten years for Plus Loans.

In that time we have helped more than 500 clients and assisted in loans totalling almost $200 million in lending to people to buy homes, refinance, assist in business loans and car loans.

Due to the GFC I did hesitate as to whether we should open but thought let’s just get it happening and I am so glad we did.

Sometimes it is worth taking a punt and every day there are businesses taking a leap of faith and opening their doors.

This does not happen by chance, there is someone behind the scenes taking a risk and backing a dream or idea, maybe something they have wanted to do for years.

Often there have been months and in some cases years of planning and lots of sweat and tears to get the doors open.

These pioneers create opportunities for the local community, employing people and providing services and goods to the area.

It takes courage and guts as well as a bit of luck, lots of faith and commitment.

So to all the businesses out there, thank you for what to bring to our community.

I am a great believer in helping each other so the village can become stronger and supporting local business is the key to local success.

If you have any memories like mine, email memories@realestateplus.com.au.

Milton Rendell, chief executive officer, Real Estate Plus

Remember When
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I Remember When with Milton Rendell