I Remember When with Milton Rendell - The Final Hills Gazette

Do you remember when you first looked at a local paper?

In my time living in Guildford and working in Midland there has been two main local papers that I have regularly read, the Midland Reporter and the Hills Gazette.

In recent years I have been fortunate enough to have built a strong relationship with the papers through my real estate business.

The Hills Gazette has been very kind to me in publishing this regular article which has been a mixture of my memories and those of others who have lived in the area.

Sadly, this is the last one with the closure of both papers.

A special thanks to David Fisher, who I first ran past the idea of doing this type of article and he was kind enough to create the opportunity to publish my thoughts on a regular basis.

To all the staff we have dealt with over the years, Lesley, Paul and Max, who all have been great supporters of the article as well as our business, thank you.

It is a sad week in terms with losing a local publication that has been with us for many years.

And also an interesting week with us now seeing that history is repeating itself.

The once Midland Workshops will now be opened in a new way and location, with the announcement of what we could call a new addition to the old workshops to be built in Bellevue, accommodating the construction needs of Metronet to build new railcars.

It will be a great boost to the local economy and a healthy addition to all the other exciting things we have happening in and around Midland.

I see this as such a huge positive for our local economy, I think it will fill a missing link for the area and bring some history back.

The Midland area is now returning to an area of growth and opportunity which will benefit all.

Thank you again to all the readers, the feedback has been amazing over the years and I hope we can find another way to share more stories in the future.

Thank you to everyone involved.

‘I Remember When’ will be returning in the Echo Newspaper shortly.

Milton Rendell, chief executive officer, Real Estate Plus

Remember When
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I Remember When with Milton Rendell - The Final Hills Gazette