Landlord's Message from Milton Rendell - October 2018

Spring has arrived and with every year we see around this time people are on the move. Now this seems to be a decision time for many as well as they plan for the coming year and particularly around Christmas and the New Year they like to have themselves organised. New career opportunities, potential retirements, uni and high school leavers as well newly-weds seems to happen more this time of year. With this we tend to see movement throughout the market place in both residential rentals and sales. There appears to be some positives on the horizon in the economy although we may not see much of that flow on until early to mid-next year but at least the talk is in the right direction. Supply and demand for individual areas will still determine values as always so there may be slower recovery in certain locations which are less popular or over supplied. 2018 has been an interesting one for all of us and feedback from many it has been tough so hopefully the signs for 2019 are right and are delivered.

Change is part of life and adapting at times can be uncomfortable but it is unrealistic to expect everything to be the same year in year out although it would be nice to be at least a bit predictable which the last few years have definitely not been. Speaking of change, at Real Estate Plus like all businesses we are always looking at ways to improve or simplify our systems, to better our outcomes for clients and better practices for our staff. In the coming weeks we will be progressing some of our property management systems to use the cloud more than we have in the past. So there may appear some small changes in some of our formats in information delivered to you so I thought best to let you know early. We don’t expect any disruptions as we have been working on this change for nearly a year as part of the preparation.

Thank you to everyone for your support this year as it has not been an easy one I know for many and please if we can help you in any way, let us know and hopefully we can help.

– Written by Milton Rendell, CEO

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Landlord's Message from Milton Rendell - October 2018