I Remember When with Milton Rendell

Do you remember when you last played a game of sport? For me it’s been a while, in fact basically was when I started in real estate back in 1987. I retired early but mind you I just had my third knee operation so maybe there were hints already to stop at the ripe old age of twenty seven. I often bump into people who I played sport with and again through work.

Every now and then I get to chat about the good old days and I think the stories get bigger every year. I was recently asked about my time at Midland Footy Club where I was a player, a president and a coach so I had a unique outlook of the club. So I summarised my thoughts about the people I met and boy did I meet some characters. They were good times and we did have some success but I thought for some the old members and players I would list a few guys that stuck out for me.

Russell (Chooky) Fowler and Mick Jose two of the most determine guys I ever played with, Lenny Patten as one of the most skilled, Allen (Goofy) Baker best mark had hands like buckets, Alan Bolton and Dave Moore two guys who worked hard to help the club in tough times both handy players as well. Coaches Terry Dunham (Playing Coach) and Brian Close, my two favourite coaches and one guy who was one of the most honest, decent and best clubman a bloke could be (also had the neatest hair you have ever seen even when playing) Maurice Cox, always smiling and always helping. He also had an excellent kick and very handy footballer.

No doubt I have missed a few but these guys come up most in the chats I have and all legends in their own ways.

Remember When
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I Remember When with Milton Rendell