I Remember When with Milton Rendell

Do you remember when the old dunny was out the back? I grew up in Guildford with one of those luxury loos, plus the wash house that was outside as well. It had an old copper mum used to boil clothes in and use to heat water for the bath tub.

In a recent discussion with a buyer who I sold an older character home to in Amherst Road in Woodbridge, the buyer looked at me as if to say what the hell are you talking about when I mentioned an old outside loo that most properties had in the area.

There are still a number of laneways in Woodbridge, Midland and Guildford which were used for the old dunny truck as we used to call them. It would collect the waste in the toilets which were at the back of the properties for easy access to collect the waste of the week. Imagine some of the kids of today would have a heart attack if they had to use them.

My mum told me there were times she knew of people actually sitting on the loo when the tray went a miss from under them and they would hear “oh sorry” from the collector.  There was also the old spider or two that would come to visit, so going to the loo could be quite an adventure for some.

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Milton Rendell – CEO Real Estate Plus Group

Remember When
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I Remember When with Milton Rendell