I Remember When with Milton Rendell

DO you remember when the milko would deliver the milk to your home and you would leave out the money for him to collect?

I remember getting deliveries up to the mid 80’s with several vendors who used to come to your door such as the baker, Crystal drinks and the fruit and veggie truck which visited our street once a week.

With that all in mind, last week I had a pleasant surprise, Les Pusey called into my office to say hello.

I have never met Les before but he thought he would pop in and introduce himself as he used to work for our bakery in Guildford opposite the Rose and Crown in the 1960’s .

Les told me he is a regular reader and wanted to introduce himself and share a few stories with me which was very kind of him.

Les delivered bread for our bakery in a van which didn’t have a door on the driver’s side so he could get in and out quickly.

He drove like that for a couple of years until one day the police pulled him over and he had to put a bar in next to the seat so he wouldn’t fall out.

Les told me sometimes when delivering bread in the early hours of the morning people would have their front door open and call out to him to bring it in and leave it on their table.

This was sometimes at 2am and we certainly wouldn’t see that happening today.

Once a week Les used to do a deal with the local milko while he was out and about, where he would swap a cinnamon scroll for a pint of milk.

I really enjoyed my chat with Les as we talked about how the bakery was run the and the types of bread that were delivered six days a week.

Also how he had gone away for his honeymoon and his father filled in for him so he could go but unfortunately he got sick and Les had to come back to work early from Busselton.

Les used to deliver 250 plus loaves every day so it was a busy route.

Hopefully I can catch up with Les another time.

I am very thankful to the people who have contacted me over the years as a result of this article and shared their memories with me.

How the years have flown including the years now that I have been doing this.

It is something I enjoy and hopefully so do you.

If you have any memories like mine, email memories@realestateplus.com.au.

– Milton Rendell, chief executive officer, Real Estate Plus

Remember When
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I Remember When with Milton Rendell