I Remember When with Milton Rendell

Do you remember when you use to have a kick of the footy with your mates on the street in front of your house growing up? On the weekend I had memories flooding back, remembering the good old days. I was doing a home open in the street I grew up on, that being Bertie Street in Guildford. I had a bit of fun telling a few different people about the neighbourhood and it really reminded me how much my family have enjoyed living in Guildford.

The house is number 9 Bertie Street, Guildford. It was the first opening of the house and we had plenty of lookers. This is final chapter for my long term friends who feel like family and I feel very humble they are allowing me to be involved in this final step for them.

As I was preparing for the home open I stood looking into the kitchen and remembered every Thursday night we use to play cards as a mix of friends and family. It was pretty loud with us kids against our parents who were so seriously trying to beat us!! Our favourite game was Euchre where we would play in teams. Great times and beautiful memories of true friendship and fun growing up.

This is our first article now in The Echo we do hope you enjoy and please you are welcome email memories@realestateplus.com.au anytime with any memories you would like to share.

Remember When
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